Welcome to Nintendo Ninja News and I’m your host Chris Ticehurst…

Nintendo Ninja News is a Youtube Show run by yours truly that features mainly news updates, book reviews, unboxing videos, discussions and debates on Nintendo. Founded in March 2015 the Youtube Show as it’s known now used to be a podcast show however after three months it was clear that a Youtube Show would suit the goals of what Nintendo Ninja News wanted to be.

I have been a big fan of Nintendo since the mid 1990’s when I discovered a NES console in a hospital ward when I was young. Since then I have brought all of their home and handheld consoles and wanted to do more with my hobby. Nintendo Ninja News took some time from early 2015 with planning and working out the format of the show. The show is built around the short one  to two minute news bulletin updates that viewers and fans of the show get on nearly a daily basic. Nintendo Ninja News was one of the winners of the first season of the Stir Grant in Canberra, Australia. This allowed the Youtube Show to transform into the video show. 2016 was the year where the popularity of Nintendo Ninja News started to show online. A Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account was made, and the first visits to the GAMMA.CON convention in Canberra and EB Games Expo in Sydney happened.

2017 brought along clear segments to the Youtube Show such as the continuing success of the NNN Show, Video Game Reviews started to be made for the Nintendo Switch with a keen interested in local developers and indie.  More unboxing videos were made with interest from viewers on seeing special editions, plush toys, and books based on video games. Active Facebook Live Videos have become common which is a interactive show talking about Nintendo, showing different items, Q&A during the videos, and giving viewers updates on new releases and current affairs on Nintendo.

Here is our social media pages if you wish to join up to them:

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/Nintendoninjanews

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/nintendoninjanews/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/nintyninjanews

Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/nintendoninjagamenwatch/

What type of video content does Nintendo Ninja News do?

  • Nearly Daily News Update Videos: Games, Consoles, Merchandise, Patch Updates, and everything Nintendo or related to them.
  • Unboxing Videos: Special Editions of consoles and games, plush toys etc
  • Book Reviews: Game Guides, Artbooks and more.
  • NNN Show: Known as the Nintendo Ninja News Show it’s the longer video format on opinions, Youtube Channel updates, and Live Videos.
  • Video Game Reviews: Our relaxed review format with screenshots and sometimes video.
  • Special Videos/ Events: When I go to events for gaming or otherwise,  or special film length videos.
  • Nintendo Historia: Talks about the history of Nintendo.
  • Life & Thoughts: Talks about my own person life and thoughts.